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I was such a dangerous hitter
I even got intentional walks in
batting practice. 
~Casey Stengel, 1967

suggestions BOSL Board of Directors - IDEAS


To make this league a success, we need your help! 
We do have an email - - , to give our players a suggestion box of sorts to get their ideas to the Board of Directors in an official manner.  Your ideas on rule changes, player recruitment, league events, etc. are all welcome!
A few rules of engagement;

  1. As a Board, we value your feedback which is why we have this communication tool, however, know going in that an e-mail to this address does not automatically mean the idea will come to fruition.  All e-mails will be read by the current President, brought to the next Board Meeting to be discussed and evaluated amongst the Board of Directors, and then will either be implemented, declined or put off for further discussion at a later date.

    I have personally heard several ideas from players over the years that on the surface are excellent, but after being thoroughly evaluated it becomes clear that they are just not practical for our league or perhaps the timing just wasn’t right.  So please don’t be offended if you put something forth that you think is slam dunk and it comes back differently.

  2. All e-mails sent to this address will be confidential and if an idea evolves into reality down the road, it will do so anonymously.  The last thing we want is the pressure of having a player’s name attached to a new idea and to have that idea not work out, etc.

  3. All e-mails will be replied to after the Board has had a chance to discuss them regardless of the decision.

Ron Evinou, BOSL