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BOSL EQUIPMENT – 2018 (Last updated, April 9, 2018)

BOSL is once again an SPOA Bat Organization for 2018.

As a S.P.O.A. sanctioned league, we follow the USSSA Bat Certification Program which states that only bats bearing the “new” USSSA logo located on the taper of the bat are allowed. This logo is known as the “Thumbprint” and is shown below. 

This new bat standard was introduced to address the problem of the previous composite bats “breaking in” (either naturally, or by mechanical means) to a level beyond the legal limit.

Bats must be made available for umpire inspection prior to each game. If an illegal bat is used the player is an automatic out and the result of the play is not allowed. The bat will then be confiscated by the umpire and not returned until the game is complete. If the same player uses another illegal bat in the same game he is ejected from the game and will face the Disciplinary Committee. If the player uses the same bat again, in a different game then he will be ejected from the game and face the Disciplinary Committee.

Note: for the 2018 season, exceptions will be made for any bats which were previously approved by the BOSL and must possess a BOSL approved sticker.  Umpires and League Executives reserve the right to trace the League Approved Decal to ensure the bat in question is not deemed to be illegal.


The BOSL requires all Players to wear an official team shirt and grey baseball pants or grey baseball shorts during all League games.  Non-playing Managers are asked to wear their team shirts during games.  With their paid registration fee, Players and Managers will be provided with an official team shirt and hat.  Players are responsible for acquiring their own grey baseball pants, grey baseball shorts, socks, baseball shoes*, etc.

*Metal spiked shoes are not allowed in our League.

BOSL Uniform Policy:

  1. All BOSL Players must wear a league issued jersey, and either grey baseball pants or grey baseball shorts when participating in regular season and tournament games.  Note, grey baseball pants/shorts with pin stripes will be permitted.  During inclement weather (i.e. rain, cold early May nights), jackets/rain pants will be allowed.

  2. Upon approval by a player’s team captain(s) in conjunction with the Board of Directors, an occasional exemption may be granted where all other reasonable attempts to conform with the league’s Uniform Policy have been exhausted.  Generally-speaking, only exceptions related to sizing issues of pants/shorts will be considered.  Requests related to non-league ball caps, other forms of headwear, non-grey pants/shorts or requests that are personal preference in nature, etc., will not be considered.

  3. The Uniform Policy will be enforced at the Captain level.  They will have the authority to sit an out-of-uniform player until such a time that the player is fully compliant with the league’s Uniform Policy.  A player found to be regularly out of uniform may be subject to the league’s disciplinary process.

Trapper gloves will be allowed at first base, catcher and pitcher positions only.

Metal spiked shoes are not allowed. (Soccer or multi cleat rubber shoes are allowed).

Home plate will be wooden and will be 24 inches wide by 36 inches long.

A hammer for base pegs and a 65 foot rope marked for pitchers mound and bases are located in our equipment bins at the diamonds. Regarding the ropes that are in the bins -- the entire rope is 65 feet long (i.e. the length of our bases) - So use the entire rope to measure the bases. The two knots in the rope are for the pitching distance.  There is a knot at 50 feet and another at 60 feet. You measure the distance to the pitchers lines from the front of home plate.

Two regulation bases plus a safety base are also in the equipment bins. The white safety base will be in fair territory, the orange base in foul territory.

Players who wish to wear a baseball helmet for safety reasons, either at the plate or in the field, will be permitted to do so provided that the helmet has a CSA or equivalent sticker and is an actual “baseball” batting or coaching helmet (i.e. hockey helmets, bicycle helmets, etc., are not permitted).