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Well, boys, it's a round ball and
a round bat and you got to hit
the ball square. 
~Joe Schultz, 1969

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"Andy Smith Award"

The Andy Smith Award is presented annually to the Season-End Tournament Champions. Andy Smith was recognized in 2010 for his dedication, loyalty, sportsmanship and support of BOSL. Congratulations to our Season-End Tournament Champions.

Team L3M (L3M Freight Solutions) defeated Verwey Auto this September in our 2018 Championship match. and Edward Jones defeated team Bobbleheads Canada to take the Consolation Championship.

Season-End Tournament Champions

L3M Freight Solutions
Year Team Captain(s)
2018 L3M Freight Solutions Peter Afelskie/Doug Vollans
2017 Cambridge Global Payments Chris Rogers/Steve Dostal
2016 VanderHout Flooring Mike Gibbs/Steve Bero
2015 Battlefield Graphics Chris Burr/Todd Parker
2014 CBBR Chris Burr/Todd Parker
2013 McCleary Electric Ron VanderMeulen/Jeff Palmer
2012 Big Drum Scott Sinclair/Joe Serafini
2011 Jerry's Automotive Doug Haines/Dave Geneau
2010 Deeth & Company Kevin Elkins/Kevin Roseneck
2009 Jerry's Automotive Doug Haines/Dave Geneau
2008 Mother Nature :-(
2007 Amerispec Home Inspec. Dan Robertson/Greg Moore
2006 Jerry's Automotive Doug Haines/Dave Geneau/ Derek Lutz
2005 Gator Teds Lee DeDauw/Jim Craig
2004 Better Bitters Gary Furness/John McFarlane
2003 BOHC Frank Goodrum/Rick Cummings
2002 BDO Canada LLP John Campbell/Murray Stewart
2001 BDO Canada LLP Randy Dake/Gary Verdone
2000 The Cop Shop Stn II John Campbell/Murray Stewart
1999 Waymark Jim Craig/Joe McGregor
1998 GT French Claudio Brunetti/Harry Savelli
1997 JD Love Real Estate Claudio Brunetti/Harry Savelli
1996 BOHC Dan McAllister/Bill Palmquist
1995 Mercer's Auto Jim Craig/Joe McGregor
1994 BDO Canada LLP Andy Smith/Bill Leithead

"Season-End Consolation Champs"

Edward Jones
Year Team Captain(s)
2018 Edward Jones Brian Murphy/Scot Cameron
2017 Edward Jones Jon Rideout/Tom Perris
2016 Deeth & Co Chris Burr/Todd Parker
2015 Larry Gagnon/Scot Cameron
2014 Deeth & Co Peter Afelski/Chris Bateman
2013 Great Lakes Hydraulics Rick Fox/Nick Popovacki
2012 Great Lakes Hydraulics Derek Lutz/Lee Labonte
2011 Better Bitters Frank Goodram/Mike Porkolab
2010 CBBR  
2009 BDO Canada LLP  
2008 Mother Nature :-(  
2007 BOHC  
2006 Keith's Stereo  
2005 Halton Vacuum  
2004 Slye Fox  
2003 JD Love  
2002 Jerry's Automotive  
2001 Better Bitters  
2000 Gator Teds  
1999 BOHC  
1998 Jerry's Automotive  
1997 Waymark  
1996 Hurricane Fran  
1995 Arby's  
1994 Coronation Tavern  

Congratulations to our winners and welcome to the BOSL Hall of Fame!

Hall of Fame

Andy Smith
Andy Smith

Introduced 2010, your well-deserved legacy with the BOSL is now firmly in place through this annual "Andy Smith Award"
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