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Carline Muffler

Being with a woman all night never
hurt no professional baseball player. 
It's staying up all night looking for
a woman that does him in. 
~Casey Stengel

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Hall of FameBOSL Hall of Fame – 25 YEARS BOSL

BOSL Career Achievement Award

A special Award is presented to those players that have been with BOSL for 25 years or more. These are our Slo-Pitch Iron-men! How did they survive all those bumps and bruises for 25 years! The average athlete usually makes it up to 10 years so show these guys some respect!

The Bobblehead Awards were inspired by Ron Evinou and he had the awards designed using our logo mascot. Congratulations to our winners and welcome to the BOSL Hall of Fame!

2018 winners

Rod McLeod 25
Bobby Hill 25

2017 winners

Richard Krummenacher 25
Greg Moore 25
Garry Lewis 25

2016 winners

Nick Townsley 34
Robert Grenier 32
Dave Little 30
George Neist 31
John Rivard 29
Byron McCormack 28
Mario Caputo 27
Lee Labonte 27
Paul Ritchie 27
Jeff Palmer 26
Jerry Weninger 26