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BOSL 2019 Team Captains

B.O.H.C. Carline Muffler Carson Law Deeth & Company
BOHC Caline Muffler Carson Law Deeth & Company
  John Andersen (C)
  Adam Harild (C)
  Dave Muill (C)
  Todd Parker (C)
  Kevin Elkins (C)
  Wes Meier (C)
  Peter Afelskie (C)
  Doug Vollans (C)
The Door Dudes Edward Jones Jerry's Automotive JNA Contracting
Door Dudes Edward Jones Jerry's Automotive JNA Contracting
  Dave Geneau (C)
  Jim Hindley (C)
  Tom Perris (C)
  Jon Rideout (C)
28 Doug Haines (C)
10 Michael Porkolab (C)
  Chris Harper (C)
  Nick Popovacki (C)
L3M Freight Solutions Lougheed Heating/Cooling McCleary Electric PhysioLinks Rehab
L3M Freight Solutions Lougheed Heating/Cooling McCleary Electric PhysioLinks Rehab
  Ron Evinou (C)
  Lawrence Thompson (C)
  John Gibson (C)
  Angelo Musitano (C)
11 Jeff Palmer (C)
1 Ron Vandermeulen (C)
  Erwin Mendoza (C)
  Chris Waters (C)
Post Game Brewing QB Sports Bar Grill VanderHout Flooring Verwey Automotive
Post Game Brewing QB Sports Bar Grill Games Vanderhout Flooring Verwey Automotive
  Scot Cameron (C)
  Kevin Roseneck (C)
  Randy Kobryn (C)
  Peter Winstanley (C)
9 Stephen Bero (C)
  Jay LeMay (C)
  Glen Baxby (C)
  Andy Morrison (C)

SPOA/BOSL Incident Report
OBA spreadsheet for recording your team's On Base Avg. stats (2017)
Team Player Ratings spreadsheet

On Site Issues

Just a reminder that if lights are not coming on at your scheduled time, or someone else is on the field without a permit,  please call the fire dispatch number @ 905-637-8253 for staff assistance.  Staff will be paged and sent to your location. It is always a good practice to have your permit with you at the diamonds for proof of who has the space.

Captains Duties:

Our captains are the team leaders and they set the example for other team members. We ask our captains to communicate with their players to find out what they like and don’t like. Be organized - the batting order, and line-up should be done before the game. The home team has to set up the diamond so enlist help from team members wherever possible. Example - equipment handling, score keeping, coaching the bases. Players - please volunteer your help to the team captains - make their jobs easier!

  • Encourage sponsor support
  • Support league Rules and Umpires
  • Keep in touch with the executive and provide any feedback to them from your team.
  • Attend all Captains’ Meetings. If you are unable to attend, ensure a designate represents your team at the meeting.
  • Enforce the no Alcohol Rule at the Parks at all times or our league will be shut down.

Captain's Creed

  • I am committed to the belief that the opportunity for the players to play is more important than the opportunity to win.
  • I will visibly demonstrate that the respect for our umpires, (through good calls and bad) is paramount to enjoying the League’s camaraderie.
  • I will give honest effort, hearty encouragement at all times, while accepting miscues as unfortunate happenings.
  • I will deal with what I judge to be “not heads-up ball” privately between innings and not publicly on the field.
  • I will assign defensive players to their position and will not reassign or substitute them away from an expected play.
  • I will ensure that all offensive players contribute at their skill level and will not substitute them in pursuit of winning.
  • I will encourage all players to increase participation in the League by explaining the various opportunities – volunteering for League events, attending the AGM, becoming a Captain or Board member.

Incident / Injury Reports

Attached is the SPOA Incident Report.  This report is to be completed by the Team Captains (Not the Umpires)and submitted directly to SPOA via email within 24 hours.

SPOA email is

I ask that you make me aware of any incidents that have transpired and cc me on the reports being sent to SPOA.

For the league contact, please us me:

Ron Evinou
76 Wakefield Street
Breslau, Ontario
N0B 1M0


An Incident Report (which can be found here) should be completed and sent into the office within 24 hours. Any injured player must call (the SPO office at (905) 646-7773) and report the injury to us within 30 days. We would then send a brochure and a Claim Form to them. They complete and send it back in, with receipts, etc.  Additional details are in the brochure but summarily, it is a secondary accident and health insurance policy, secondary to whatever a person may have through their own work, partner, spouse, parent, etc. It is not a loss of wage policy and there are caps and limits to coverages. SPOA email is


Play safe!

Let us know if you would like to become a team captain for the upcoming season. Thank you to all current Captains!