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"Regular Season 1st Place Overall"

The Dave Little Award is presented annually to the team finishing the regular season in first place. Dave Little has been a member of the League since 1987; served on the Board 1989 – 1999; 3 terms as President 1993 – 1995; captained teams several times; and in his own words, still an active player with diminishing skills but as always enjoying tremendously the camaraderie and fellowship of the best baseball league anywhere.

Congratulations to Captains Peter Afelskie, Doug Vollans and all your L3M teammates. Well done!

L3M Freight Solutions
Year Team Captain(s)
2018 L3M Freight Solutions Peter Afelskie / Doug Vollans
2017 CBBR Jason Gerrity / Todd Parker
2016 McCleary Electric Ron VanderMeulen / Jeff Palmer
2015 L3M Freight Solutions John Bowers / Tom Clancy
2014 The Door Dudes Ron Evinou / Darryl Ford
2013 Battlefield Graphics Brent Craigie / Peter Afelskie
2012 Big Drum Joe Serafini / Scott Sinclair
2011 Better Bitters Mike Porkolab / Frank Goodrum
2010 Independent Traffic Kerry Close/Bill Johnson
2009 Independent Traffic Kerry Close/Scott Sinclair
2008 Better Bitters Mike Porkolab / Frank Goodrum
2007 BDO Canada LLP Scott Daniel/Kevin Elkins
2006 Independent Traffic Kerry Close/Ken Keen
2005 Better Bitters Gary Furness/John McFarlane
2004 B.O.H.C. Rick Cummings/Frank Goodrum
2003 B.O.H.C. Rick Cummings/Frank Goodrum
2002 Amerispec Randy Dake/Gary Verdone
2001 BDO Canada LLP Randy Dake/Gary Verdone
2000 The Cop Shop John Campbell/Murray Stewart
1999 J.D. Love Real Estate Claudio Brunetti/ Randy Schulhauser
1998 G.T. French Claudio Brunetti/Harry Savelli

Congratulations to our winners and welcome to the BOSL Hall of Fame!

Hall of Fame

Dave Little
Dave Little

The "Dave Little Award" was not created
as a "memorial" award as such.
Rather, it was intended as an award
of "excellence".
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