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BOSL NEWS – President's Message 2019

Welcome to the 2019 Season!

Like every season, the Board of Directors are busy planning and preparing for what is going to be another great year.
The player draft has been set for March the 2nd.  So, you and your teams will have a few more weeks to prepare for the season, being it practicing on the field…or at the bar.
Registration is as strong as always!  We have chosen to cap it at 224 players for this coming season and to go with a 16-team league consisting of 14 players per team.
The City of Burlington did not have any booking availabilities which would allow us to go back to a traditional Tuesday and Thursday schedule.  So once again, we will have no choice but to include games on both Mondays and Wednesdays in addition to our usual Tuesday and Thursday’s.
The Sherwood Park revitalization continues, and progression appears to be on schedule.  It is our intention to run both tournaments at Sherwood exclusively anticipating completion of the revitalization to be on schedule.
We are excited to announce our continued support of the Burlington Food Bank !  Myself and members of the Board had the opportunity to tour their facility and see exactly where donations go.  Their organization is 100% funded by support of charitable donations.

Burlington Food Bank

Through our visit we were made aware that this food bank is responsible for feeding over 300 families in the Burlington area in addition to supplying food to local parishes and many other support groups within the City of Burlington.   Giving back to the Community is what differentiates the BOSL from any other league.  We look forward to your continued support through our various fundraising efforts during the course of the season.
In closing, I would like to thank the continued efforts of our Board of Directors, the support of our Sponsors, and all of our volunteers that make the overall BOSL experience a great one!
Ron Evinou
BOSL President