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Please support our

Please support our

Burlington Oldtimers Slo-Pitch League - BOSL ALUMNI

In the spirit of honouring our BOSL Hall of Famers and Alumni, we invite you to sign up to receive our BOSL news for Alumni. From time to time we have events that we wish to include all BOSL Alumni and as well as you know we also have issues that arise every season. Sometimes it occurs to us to ask our elders for opinions and ideas on how to approach these issues and if for no other reason, just to keep you informed about what the BOSL is up to. At the same time you can email us at to keep us in the loop about other alumni.

Please add your name to our Alumni News list and we look forward to keeping in touch. Thanks for continuing to be a part of the league you once were a big part of

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BOSL History

The Burlington Oldtimers Slo-Pitch League is a slo-pitch league for players 35 years and older, with 16 teams and 15 players on each. Teams are selected by our Captains using a draft format, so each year you will be able to meet new members of our community. All games are played twice a week from May to September on three City of Burlington parks. There are two exciting tournaments every year. A mid-season tournament in June and the season finale at the beginning of September

Celebrating 35+ years of Fun & Fellowship - since 1980... Read More - BOSL HISTORY

Please help me with names on these older team photos pages and if you have any photos that I dont - please email me a copy!!

The Warner Thomas Pavilion

The Warner Thomas Pavilion
Contibuted by Dave Little