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HELP Using Twitter with BOSL_news

Hey there! BOSL_news is using Twitter.

Twitter is a free service that lets you keep in touch with people through the exchange of quick messaging.

The Burlington Oldtimers Slo-Pitch League is providing this service to our players in order to receive instant text messages regarding diamond closures for those rainy days when you know it would be helpful to find out status without having access to the website. You do not have to sign up for this if you do not want the benefits. We still offer the time-tested method of driving to the park and waiting with the rest of the team.

Are the diamonds open or closed today? Join today to start receiving bosl_news's tweets.

How to get updates on phone/Turning ON/OFF notifications...

You can keep yourself updated on what BOSL is saying on Twitter using your phone! Just set the device notification ON for the people you are following and whose tweets you want to receive on your phone. You can turn the device updates ON in two ways:

A) Via Phone
B) Via Web

A) How do I turn a specific person's updates on or off from my phone?

To get our tweets on your phone, use the commands FOLLOW or ON + username, like this: 

follow BOSL_news

on BOSL_news

To turn tweets off again, send LEAVE or OFF + username, like this. 

leave BOSL_news

off BOSL_news

So basically, once you have an account with Twitter, simply send a TXT message to 21212 with the message START
Then follow the instructions they send you replying with your password etc. When done then send a new TXT message to 21212 with the message follow BOSL_news

B) How to turn device notifications ON through the web?

You can turn ON the device updates for BOSL messages and get the updates on your phone with few simple steps:

  •  Visit our Twitter profile page.
  •  You should see a small mobile icon just by our profile image, below the word Settings.
  •  Clicking on the icon will turn ON the device updates for BOSL and  you will receive our updates every time we tweet, on your phone! (green means on, gray means off)

If you do not want to receive updates from BOSL, click on the phone icon again and our tweets will not be delivered to your phone. The updates will be turned OFF.

You can also turn ON our update by visiting your following page. Look for the small, cute mobile icon next to BOSL's name, hovering over it you will know if the device updates are ON/OFF. Click on the icon to turn them ON or OFF.

Our BOSL account is not protected, so you'll receive our tweets right away.

Thank you, and don't forget - you can always just drive out to the diamond and see if anyone is still there - just like we always did...