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"Mr. Dave Little"

The "Dave Little Award" was not created as a "memorial" award as such.
Rather, it was intended as an award of "excellence".

During our tenure it was a matter of our board realizing that prior to the inception of this award teams that were fortunate enough to win the final playoff game of the season received recognition as "League Champions" while the team that had managed the more daunting task of prevailing over all other teams during the entire regular season by finishing in first place received very little recognition.

With this in mind we decided to create an award to recognize that accomplishment or "excellence".  As has been our league's practice in the past we chose to name the award after someone whose service to our league has exhibited "excellence".

It wasn't hard to establish Dave Little as this person. In fact he was the obvious choice.  At the time I simply asked the question "Can anyone think of anyone who has done more for our league?"

Some of the reasons for this are as follows:

In many sports leagues some people are honoured in this way because they helped start the league.  However many leagues get started but unfortunately fail to realize their full potential.  In other leagues people are honoured because their efforts help to transform the league into a unique and wonderful experience for its members.  Dave's contributions fall into this latter category.

Dave started by using his background as a financial professional to build up the resources of our league and ensure that it has enjoyed the benefits of a solid well funded corporation. 

He also showed his generosity and commitment by arranging for the free use of resources for our league that other leagues had to pay for.  But it's more than just that. 

Most importantly during the time of his leadership as President of our league he fostered and achieved the ultimate goal or emphasis of our league as a place of "fun and fellowship" and not just another sports league.

Tom Braithwaite

Previous BOSL President

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Dave Little
Dave Little