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Odds to Win the Mid-Season Tourney

The views, opinions & predictions of this prognosticator are not necessarily those of BOSL, its executive or anyone related to Ron Evinou. Don’t take this seriously as you know I don’t… Last year at our Mid-Season Tournament, EPK Training Solutions (EPK) defeated L3M Freight Solutions in the Championship match and Carline Muffler (25/1) defeated QBs (35/1) to take the Consolation Championship. Both CM and QBs were a bit of a shocker to get to the show so you see there are always surprises!

Team Odds Prognostication
Jerry's Automotive

So it looks like this year, JA drafted for power instead of shirt size. wow what a season so far for Hall of Famer Kerry Close! Top 10 in pitching and batting third in average on the team - oh wait no that's his son Matt Close, but still hitting well as usual Kerry! Not bad for an old guy with wonky hips. This is the NO MERCY team here - probably the best hitting team in BOSL right now, and their secret weapon Jim Seely has only made a couple games. Chris Rogers is his usual best and Dave Rombough continues with the strong bat. Also of note is Jerry Weninger batting .500 again! Unfortunately we will all be asking for mercy from JA. DON'T GET IN THEIR POD

PhysioLinks Rehab

Captains Tom Perris and Jon Rideout put together a great mix of players once again. After all the frustration last year waiting for Andrew McDonnell to come around - wouldn't you know it they get stuck with Andy's brother Brendan McDonnell now! Brendan is a replacement for President Ron Evinou. He's the youngest player in the league and full of promise - just as his brother was last year. Seriously though this team keeps winning and its through hitting and D. Bill Misener has 7 HRs and leads the team currently. Sandy Fox and John Andersen are having career years and it comes at no surprize that Tom and Jon are top hitters as well.

Verwey Automotive

This team knows how to tie one on! No wait that's CL - but at least they manage a lot of ties. VA doesn't have the power like VF or L3M or JA and their D isn't even top 5 but they do know how to get points. No one expected Aaron McLean to be hitting over .800 or leading this team but nice for VA. Not sure what's wrong with John Cliffe and did Glen Baxby stop drinking or switch beers? Poor Glen needs a new bat guys. Welcome back Mark Riley - off to a great start here with 8 HR and not showing any pain at the plate. Captain Jim Hindley decided to try out the sponsor's little brother - rookie Mike Verwey and it paid off so far. VA is a serious threat boys

L3M Freight Solutions

Yes we can all just say Doug Vollans and call it a day here... but L3M is top 3 in Runs and Number 1 in runs against so great team effort here. Biggest surprize here is the contribution from Darren Anderson with 3 HRs. This is a strong team and a contender for sure. Their bats are improving too. The only weak spot is Scott Sinclair. They are talking about adding more braces or just some batting practice. Rumour has it Roy Jones has been seen at L3M games offering batting advice for Scott.

Coldwell Banker

We should worry when Chris Burr is back helping Todd Parker Captain CBBR. These guys are a long shot yes but their 5 wins were against strong teams. They seem to know how to compete against the best - maybe they have good scouts? Great pitching and some big bats this season. No shock that Chris is leading the team in batting or that Todd is struggling around .500 again but they did get the best Porteous (Michael) (7 HRs). Way to go sponsor John Rivard - batting .650 and climbing and look at Drew (two strikes) Martin hitting .700!! Why Philip Herbeson isn't batting better is beyond me - hopefully not injury-related. Watch out for CBBR!

Vanderhout Flooring

What POWER. Stephen Bero and Richard McCullough drafted 5 or 6 pitchers so they never thought they would be a good hitting team... or was it four 2nd basemen. Maurice VanderHout leads the team batting .800 (wtf) followed by 4 .700+ hitters (Bero, Scott Young, Denis Gervais and Michael Proctor). There are 4 other players that SHOULD be hitting better (Mike Maycock, Steve Bourke, Brian Veerman and hall of famer Jim Moriarty). No idea why I have these guys at 7/1 I am sure they will prove me wrong. Just a shout out to Alan Elliott who is back this year for his 23rd season! Great to see you back Al.

Bobbleheads Canada

Captains Lee Labonte and Derek Lutz have great potential with their new improved BC team this year. 1st round pick Mark Rankin is shaking his head right now wondering who messed with his bats! Once he regains his swing BC will become a force. Great job Willy Jesso (probably the most positive and fun teammate you could ask for) batting almost .800. Welcome back to BOSL Robert Bullee! Shawn Pomfret and Willy are picking up the HRs while waiting for Mark to find his way as we all know he will. Lots of potential on BC this year!

Deeth & Company

Greg Moore and Peter Winstanley insist that the only losses they've faced this season were a result of faulty bats and gloves. At the first game of the year, Doug McCarthy had 1 HR and Mike Gibbs had 0... so the hall of famer turned that around and now has 7 while McCarthy is still at 1. What's with Steve Koritko? one year he is in the top 5 HRs then the next season he tanks, then last year he returned to power. Looks like DC picked him up on an off year! But these guys could take the consolation round if they keep hitting like they have. Way to go Steve Leyland (hall of famer and past president) leading the team at almost .900! Thanks for joining us Adam Woodhouse - we were all expecting you to be batting .900 and have at least 5HRs by now but that's because your dad set the bar so high. Who is Ken Burns BTW...

McCleary Electric

When captains Ron Vandermeulen and Jeff Palmer drafted this group - we all thought it was a repeat of 2016 with all the family bats. Did they draft the wrong Porteous? Great to see Tony Ortoleva contributing so well at .750 (and 3 HRs) and Gerald Dueck is right behind him. The team is likely pleased with rookie Chris Palmer but never suspected Dad would be struggling at the plate. Maybe Jeff has carried the team too long? Nick Townsley on the other hand is batting almost .600 while son Jason is now 6th in the lineup! Nick - give Jason a talking to will ya?!

Edward Jones

After the first couple games, we thought EJ would be a top 4 team this season. What went wrong? Scot Cameron has given up more HRs than any other pitcher in the league, prompting Brian Murphy to move all-star fielder Dave Muill into the rotation. Only two players batting under .500 here so the lineup has it in them to hit. But Brian's still moving the batting order around to see if we can string 3 hits together in a row. Randy Fascinato has 3 HRs and led the league in that dept after the first week! David Kimberley has 2 HRs as well. But seriously the team mimics this year's Blue Jays. Good group of guys and all the potential in the world but un-proven.

Carline Muffler

Its a new season Shane Nevills! No more floundering in last place this year! Still wondering how you managed to win the mid season tournament last year!! It seems new Captain Darryl Holditch has done a great job helping to select a team of leaders. David DeSantis is enjoying less duties not being a captain and leads the team in batting at .840. Rikki Cruz is right behind at .760+. All pitchers need to be careful with powerhouse Neil Marsh at the plate. These guys have a great OF too - don't test Neil's arm if he is in LC.

Carson Law

Don't write these guys off yet. Captains Ryan Carson (11 HRs .880+) and Peter Conick (5HRs .818) lead by example! What great leadership in the batting dept! the team has a lot of HRs but to be fair they hit half of those in one game against EJ and it was a little windy :-) Doug Jack and Joe Celi are batting as expected. Mike Drex Jr is fielding like a kid! He's been stopping everything this season - amazing D!! Everyone please take time to introduce yourself and say hello to the two MVPs in our league Ron Fuller and Bobby Grenier.

QB Sports Bar

Lawrence Thompson (10 HRs .820+) aka "Little Evinou" couldn't hit on his cousin's team last year, but he can for this years QB's squad!. Pretty sure captains Carl Camilleri and Kevin Roseneck didn't think Lawrence would have 10 HRs already. Way to go! Umer Malik is right behind batting .750 with 1 dinger. Carl is 3rd right in front of Rosey and Paul McGrath. This is another one of the teams under-performing with lots of potential. No idea why McGrath and Rosey aren't leading the crew as expected but the rest of the team needs them to pick it up.

Burlington Oldtimers
Hockey League

First-time captain pairing Erwin Mendoza and Chris Waters are probably shaking their heads asking wtf happened with all their picks! Ken Wootton is normally batting .800 and Rob Bisson should at least be .700. Maybe they will pick it up during the tourney. Luke Harper is doing very well leading the team at .800. Nick Popovacki is his usual self (3 HRs and .740+). Ron Houston, Chad Blackmore, Ed Meahan and Scott Douglas are hitting well. Here's who need to go to the cage for some practice - Erwin, Ken and Rob!

Lougheed Heating
& Cooling

First rounder Murray Stewart is killing it as always (.850+ with 2HRs). Captains Mike Ciccone (.800) and Angelo Musitano (.610) are contributing. and they have to be happy with the production from Blake Mercer, Chris Harper and Brad Serena. Kyle Hadley is doing better than last year as well. No one would have guessed David Mohamed, Dave Holubeshen and Vince Bowker would be slumping but there's still time. Unfortunately though team LHC is a long-shot

The Door Dudes
50/1 WOW. Never would have predicted this. Just ONE point so far. They come so close every night. Last year's first place big contender is last place this season. It's dumbfounding how this team with these great players aren't at least middle of the pack right now. Great season so far (as expected) for Michael Vos batting almost.900. and Trevor Pinkerton and Kevin Henderson are contributing just fine. New guys Shawn Evans and Larry Hallett will come around eventually - they probably aren't used to being called Oldtimers yet. It wouldn't suprize me if they pull it together and challenge for the consolation - but then again it would probably rain in the 5th inning and they'ld end up calling the game

Please do not contact Tournament Directors, Carl Camilleri or Bill Misener with any concerns about these odds - they are what they are :-)