Mid-Season Classic 2019

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Little League baseball is a very
good thing because it keeps
the parents off the streets.
~ Yogi Berra


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Rules & Format Overview

  1. Each team is guaranteed to play 6 games (weather permitting)
  2. Round robin games are maximum 7 innings, no new inning started after 1 hr 15 minutes
  3. Home team, if leading by fewer than 8 runs, must take their last at-bats
  4. 8 runs per inning [or deficit plus 1] mercy rule in effect for all innings as per regular schedule
  5. Ties final after last complete inning
  6. Consolation and championship finals each 7 innings - no time limit
  7. Seedings for round 1 drawn by tournament director and non-captaining board member
  8. Round robin win counts 2 points, tie counts one point for each team, loss counts 0 points
  9. Seedings for round 2 determined based on points earned in round 1
  10. There will be extra innings (if tied after seven innings) for the semifinal and final games

As for the home team batting in the last inning if they are already up by 8 or more runs, they don't need to bat; they win the game by 8.  For example, if they are up by 6 runs they bat until they are up by 8 runs, at which point the game is over and they win the game by 8.

Tie Breaker Sequence:

  1. Head-to-head
  2. Plus/Minus
  3. Runs against (fewest)
  4. Runs for (most)
  5. Coin toss


If you have any questions please contact our Tournament Committee – Darren Andersen, Pete Conick, Kevin Roseneck, Brian Bishop